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Asthma and Your Family: Symptoms, Testing, and Treatment

Asthma affects an estimated 26 million Americans. It is a chronic condition that causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways. If you frequently experience shortness of breath or wheezing (a whistling sound in your chest when you breathe), you may have asthma.  Our asthma experts at Modern Allergy can determine if you have asthma through a series of simple tests.

Common symptoms of asthma

Patients living with asthma can experience symptoms including chronic cough; chest tightness; shortness of breath; and wheezing.  

Many viruses, including RSV, COVID and influenza, can cause increased inflammation for people who already struggle with swollen and sensitive airways; this can lead to pneumonia and other severe respiratory diseases and make asthma symptoms worse. Because flu symptoms and symptoms from COVID-19 can mirror one another, it is not unusual to see fever, severe body aches, fatigue, sore throat, and a dry cough with both. Asthma is the most common medical condition among children hospitalized with the flu and one of the more common medical conditions among hospitalized adults.

How to Test for Asthma

Common tests for asthma include breathing tests to measure how well your lungs are working.  

  • Spirometry: you will take a deep breath and blow into a machine with a sensor to measure the amount of air your lungs can hold and the speed of the air you inhale and exhale.  
  • FeNO (exhaled nitric oxide test): this breathing test measures lung inflammation 
  • Many patients with asthma also have environmental allergies which can trigger asthma symptoms.  Environmental allergy testing is recommended in most patients with asthma.

Treatment for Asthma

Treatment for asthma will typically include:

  • Identifying and avoiding the specific factors that bring on your symptoms (strong smells, smoke, illness, cold air, pet dander, etc.) 
  • Medications, including inhaled medicines
  • Allergen immunotherapy can help your immune system build resistance to environmental allergens.  Allergy shots are a highly effective treatment approach that can provide long-term relief for many asthma and allergy patients.  

Schedule an allergy appointment

If you are struggling with asthma, consider a visit to Modern Allergy. We are specially trained to help you take control of your allergies and asthma, so you can live the life you want.  We offer convenient same-day appointments, easy online scheduling, and virtual visits. We’re committed to being helpful, and in doing so, set a new standard of care for your allergy needs. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or give us a call. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your family!

March 1, 2023

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Dr. Greg Bennett is board certified in both Pediatrics and Allergy/Immunology and has over 10 years of experience in the field of medicine. ‍

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